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What's your point?

As I crosspost this to LJ, fuck you, LJ. It's hard to tell when I have real comments and when I am just getting spammed. :P

So I was diagnosed with ADHD a couple months back. This surprised no one. In a past life I was a brain damaged goldfish who probably starved because someone left a shiny light blinking and I was too distracted to blink. The doc who did the diagnosing was no help. She said it sounded like I had it under control. I HATE going to ANY doctor. If I am going, I have a legitimate concern. Answers like that just piss me off. Long story short, I stopped going to that doc and didn't go anywhere for a while.

Between that and various other issues which were messing with me, I decided to give medication a shot. I am NOT a fan of medication, but as I've been having these issues for a decade or more, I figured there was no harm. Might as well give it a try.

So I make the appointment and visit the doc. I ended up taking a beautiful, if accidental, scenic route. See above about the brain damaged goldfish. However, it was a lovely day and I found an awesome tunnel not too far from my home. The admin assistant, rather than being pissed, thought the whole thing was more hilarious than anything. Still, as I was already running late, the doc just told me I could finish filling out the paperwork after the visit.

I was possibly in there for about five to ten minutes. She asked if I had a family history. I told her my uncle was diagnosed with ADHD. She asked about the rest of the family. 99% of my family does not go to any psych doc, and there aren't many in that area, anyway. I had a cousin who almost had a nervous breakdown, but I swear to this day that was primarily due to our relatives. Still, just describing some family traits seemed to be enough for the doc. Overall, she was rather to the point and stated once that her specialty was not in talking but in prescribing medication. In just meeting with her for less than ten minutes, I had a prescription for Adderall/Amphetamines.

That disturbed me on several levels. One, I could get a prescription that quickly and that easily...even if I still wonder if it was partly that easy just because I had already shown my ditziness to an amazing degree. ...it was a really pretty route, though. The other thing that bothered me is that no one talked to me about the meds. I told the doc and the pharmacist that I had no history at all with psych meds. One just gave me the prescription and told me to try it out for thirty days and the other just gave me the bottle. Obtaining drugs is far too easy, and there was very little information provided on a foreign chemical that is going into my body.

Still, she started me off with a low dose, which I liked. A friend threw a fit and stated it was too low and that I should have been given a higher dose. I pointed out that I would like to see how I did before receiving a larger dose. She didn't see my point.

On my final ADHD note, I still plan on taking the glowy bouncy ball Hadesphoenix was so nice as to give me and throw it at my next family reunion. It's a good plan. :D

Now back to caffeine and ficcage.
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