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I was supposed to be closing on my house today. It was originally at 11:00am and then moved to 2:00pm. Now it's not happening at all today, with actual date unknown. As I already took today off to do it, I'm just going to hang out at the uncles' and try to work on various projects without Missy using me as a scratching post.

It has been fucking insane. FHA didn't get their inspection results out until late, so I needed to get into the house and fix it up so it would pass their inspection. I don't even own the house yet and I'm working on it.

I completely forgot that I had to do a housebuying course for FHA, so I hurried up and did it online. The problem? Getting the certificate from the right people. I was told that, no problem, it would be done yesterday. Guess who still doesn't have the certificate? Yep. That is not helping getting the closing done in a timely manner.

There have been multiple other things they needed me to follow up on which I didn't have any word on until THIS WEEK. I needed to get certain documents from the bank, I needed to do several conference calls so the credit people would be able to speak to various other people, more papers to prove that my funds were not coming from illegal sources, etc. No, really, apparently I sell drugs on the side, and they don't want those drug funds to go into buying the house. After the house is bought, it's fine if my drug selling habit pays for the mortgage: just not the closing costs and down payment. What the fuck?

Oh, yes, and I'm still being told TODAY of shit that is needed. Why the hell wasn't any of this told to me last week? The week before that?

I'm high strung, my realtor is even more high strung, and I'm ready to curl up in a ball somewhere. At least I now have today off?
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