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So my workplace provides tuition reimbursement providing you work there for two years and are willing to continue working for them two years after you finish. It's in my plans, so it works. A co-worker of mine was already attending a school, so since it was already a school I knew would be approved by the county, I enrolled in that.

Needless to say, I probably didn't think that through, but I am having fun.

For example, when we are having a forum Q&A session about religion and everyone immediately responds with only Christianity, with some of them daring to touch on Mormonism and the such and getting the details wrong. Obviously, my approach is generally to answer with every other religion's perspective. As this is a school, I don't care if you are discussing your own religion: cite your sources. It's a fucking educational forum. Otherwise, I will politely point out some of your discrepancies and THEN ask you to cite your cites. ...yes, I do this politely. I can be amazingly polite, such as when my dad asked if I still claimed to be an atheist.

...in hindsight, that was very funny. I suggested to him before and after that comment to go to my religious and well educated uncle for thoughts on his conversion and probably not me. I did try very, very hard to be good, and I've learned how to very politely call someone a fucking uneducated idiot. I might never have picked up a degree regarding religion, but I've had an interest for years and discussions with an uncle who has several degrees in theology and a background in the priesthood. I don't think a newly converted Christian should look at me and make comments about me claiming to be an atheist.

It's very similar to this forum, really. Cite your sources or get the hell out.


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