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Seriously, there is a terrible feeling of deja vu here.

Aikonamika -- FF7 )

Icarusdefiled -- FF7 )

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Thanks so much for everyone with their help with the Home Project! You guys are so awesome for taking the time and money to help. For those of you who didn't comment or email me with what fic you would like, feel free to comment here or just message me.

Closing is October 25th. I need to be moved completely out of this apartment by November 30th. Angel is going to have the basement to herself while I'm gone at work. I'm going to need to make sure she has a type of nest down there so she doesn't get cold, but it's set up so if she can't hold it until I get home (she is fourteen), it'll be very easy to clean.

I'm finally going to be able to use incense. This thrills me. This apartment is so small the cats can literally get everywhere. The house is big enough that I can put up shelves and be confident the cats won't be able to reach. I also want to be able to put in a secret room...somehow. I know I can find a way.

Now let's see if Missy will let me work on fics...

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I am currently taking a mental health/sinus pressure day. For those of you who do not work with social workers, if we suspect you are using marijuana, lighting every imaginable type of incense before our arrival is not going to help your case. Still, this means I have a day for drugs, spicy food, and typing.

Along with an agonizing field screen over the weekend, I also had my home inspection. The house is 73 years old and is still in good shape. I snagged my uncles and we accompanied the inspectors through the house. I had my phone on in my pocket. My ringtone is Legend of Zelda. My ringer for notifications is purely FFVII-based.

It's Sephiroth telling Cloud in the AC movie "I will bring you despair."

We're in the basement of this old house examining its dark corners, and every now and then, the younger inspector and my uncle would hear I will bring you despair. I didn't think twice about it, nor looked at my phone. I was focusing on what the inspector was telling me. Unfortunately for them, my phone was very busy at that time. All they heard, over and over again, was a soft male voice whispering from an unknown area I will bring you despair.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: Sephiroth officially terrified two people on Sunday. His reign of terror is neverending.

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So, help?

Basically, the situation is that I was told two months ago that I was told that I was eligible for a grant for $3,000 to assist with closing cost/escrow/down payment for my new home. Last Tuesday I was told that I was given the wrong information and I was ineligible, leaving me $3,000 short for a closing date which will occur at the end of October. So...yeah. Cue mild panic and stress.

I have a fundraiser set up for raising the money. If anyone could help, either financially or passing the word around, I would incredibly appreciate it. My Nanowrimo is pretty much going to consist of writing ficlets in thanks for those who donate, of any pairing/rating/kink you want as long as I know the fandom. You could also rely on a free bed if you ever pass through the Pittsburgh area.

Seriously, ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I had a plan today. I was going to take my laptop to Starbucks, drink my weight in calories and caffeine, and actually Work on Stuff.

...I've caught up on Tumblr and listened to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack a couple times on Youtube.

Watch me go.

Edit: As someone who has been sitting in Starbucks for almost three hours, I can tell you that Pumpkin Spice Latte is above and beyond the most popular drink today.
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As I'm trying to type this, Missy is calmly strolling across my chest and is trying to make herself comfy.I am sitting up. I disagree with her course of action. Ow.

So today I decide to stop at the grocery store and ended up buying four items. These items all had a specific meaning and purpose:

Cheese popcorn -- to eat this weekend while I have a Dead Zone marathon. Hee!

Cookies -- so I can feel like a true member of the Dark Side.

Alfredo sauce -- so I can swirl my noodles around and cackle, yet feel semi-classy, while reading my collection of books on the occult tonight.

Wine -- see above...and that particular brand is an avid LGBT supporter.

Yeeees...it's all coming together now...
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Title: Reflection in the Water
Fandom: FF7
Pairing: one-sided Reno/Cloud
Warnings/Tags: Post AC, fun with inner canon
Rating: PG
Summary: They would never be just memories.

Reflection in the Water )
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Title: Nocturne
Fandom: FF7
Pairing: Cloud/Zack
Warnings/Tags: Angstangstangst, don't read, Dina. Also, ficlet.
Rating: PG
Summary: Zack was just sleeping.

Nocturne )
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I meant to be a little further today than this. I am finally working on my class for the day and I am about to work on writing. I also finally just ate dinner. We won't discuss my last meal.

I read a lot of motivational and business-oriented books. I plan on being rich and successful, dammit. There is a common theme to pretty much all of them and many of the other books/radio shows/etc. I've come across...including my own job. That theme? Try to be good and use your gifts to help others. I thought about this as I snooped around Barnes and Noble with my shiny new gift card. While I was looking for a book on how to be a supervillian/evil sorceress/etc.

I contemplated practicing my evil laugh but decided to glare at a guy and his pack of children instead. After that, I stopped tripping over him and his fifty million children. I felt triumphant.

Now I should actually get to work. Bah.
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If I say I'm a very busy person and the first thing you ask is "Oh, do you have kids?" I want to hit you. Hard. Or cut you. Except I wear my good clothes for work and bloodstains are a bitch to get out.

Don't tell me pets aren't distracting and that's a lousy excuse. I've spent the last forty minutes doing epic battle with my cat while trying to do schoolwork. She's still here, staring and purring. She has claws. Yes, she's fucking distracting. For all those who have never had a cat and tell me to toss her out of the room? You can pay for the damages to the door.

Also, the next time someone tells me that I have such and such time to do such and such activity because I don't have kids? I know enough forensics to ensure no one ever finds your body. I'm also small and blond and adorable. No one will ever blame me.

Thank you.
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So I have been a tad busy lately and writing has fallen by the wayside. There has been house-hunting, my first week of online classes, many visits with my uncle, and I joined a writer's group (which seems like it's going to be a blast). I have been trying to write, but I don't think anything serious will happen until tomorrow...provided I can buy coffee creamer. COFFEE OR DEATH!

So...on a childfree note... )
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Vacation is over. Tomorrow, back to work. I'm already back in the land of people looking at you funny for talking fandom. Woe, woe.

Overall, it was a fantastic vacation, and I can't wait to see what we do next year. Now it's time to try to type up fic. Yes, Calypso, that means you need to move. No, really. *sighs*
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Remind me it comes with two weeks of vacation.

Taking care of everything today and leaving tomorrow. I have at least two people who are relatively sure I'm going to my death. Whee! I'll be back at the end of the month. XD


Jul. 18th, 2012 09:59 pm
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Despite several frustrating things (including not only getting caught in a fierce storm but dropping my phone into a puddle), I think I have a pretty good grip on things right now. I desperately need to get a firm work-out and writing schedule, but overall, things are going well.

I have three goals before I hit thirty (August 2013): own a home, begin working on my Master's, and publish my novel. Starting August 1st, I'm going to start home-shopping, and as soon as I get my letter of approval from my school, I can start Master's classes. Now I just need to work on my novel.

Anyone have any clue how you actually go about editing a novel? I keep trying and mostly just hit my head against the nearest hard object.
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Seriously, how do they have any left on their bodies when my drinks are full of hair?

But anyway... )

This list has been presented to you by Frustration. Frustration: Never Just Once.
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Title: Marco
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: one-sided Deadpool/Spider-Man
Rating: PG
Warnings/Tags/Notes: This doesn’t take place in any specific time in the comic or movie verses. This is primarily inspired by conversations with Dina and tumblr.
Summary: Spidey was fine. Everything was going to be fine.

Marco )


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