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All right, I have no problem with het, canon or fandom. I really don't. Generally speaking. It's what is done with the het that drives me insane.

First off, don't declare it's more canon than a slash 'ship just because there's a male and female involved. The writers and such make it canon, not you.

Secondly, just because you're writing a male and female character together doesn't mean you need to rely on Harlequin for inspiration. The woman doesn't need to cry every five seconds, and she doesn't need the guy to save her ass, especially if it's canon that she can take care of herself and she has repeatedly saved the guy's ass. Stop destroying my strong, independent women just so you can have a het 'ship. It's entirely possible to write them together and keep them both in character. Honest.

On that note, if the guy is a lean, more of a lover than a fighter type of guy, don't make him ripped and physically awesome and straight off a Harlequin cover, either. Some of us like him how he is. Thank you.
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So this week was supposed to be easy as compared to last week. Instead, I found my runaway sixteen-year-old client, complete with her newborn son. Everything suddenly became very complicated, complicated enough for the judge to visibly want to bash her head against something. I spent a full 8 hours in court, and that wasn't counting the transporting of the child. That was the longest I've spent alone with an infant. I'm positive I was more scared than he was. My co-worker was in court that day, too, and she repeatedly asked if I would be okay, while the baby slept merrily on.

Where I live, if you're a caseworker and you have an infant on your caseload, you need to visit that infant once a week. Until now, I only had one infant. By the end of the month, I'm going to have three. Please, kill me now.

I've been writing in my notebooks, and I even bought more notebooks as I've been slowly destroying my older ones. They get a lot of wear-and-tear, poor things. Unfortunately, by the time I get home, I tend to just want to curl up somewhere, so little has been typed. Sorry?

On a happier note, my travel mileage for February is going to be awesome...except I need time to sit down and get everything typed and ready to turn in for it. *facepalm*


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