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Watch me go.

Someone on tumblr mentioned how horrible Link's screams were in Twilight Princess and how, for the first Zelda game ever, they felt bad having him jump/fall off cliffs. That inevitably made me think of this. Enjoy.

*scurries off for more coffee*

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As I'm trying to type this, Missy is calmly strolling across my chest and is trying to make herself comfy.I am sitting up. I disagree with her course of action. Ow.

So today I decide to stop at the grocery store and ended up buying four items. These items all had a specific meaning and purpose:

Cheese popcorn -- to eat this weekend while I have a Dead Zone marathon. Hee!

Cookies -- so I can feel like a true member of the Dark Side.

Alfredo sauce -- so I can swirl my noodles around and cackle, yet feel semi-classy, while reading my collection of books on the occult tonight.

Wine -- see above...and that particular brand is an avid LGBT supporter.

Yeeees...it's all coming together now...
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I meant to be a little further today than this. I am finally working on my class for the day and I am about to work on writing. I also finally just ate dinner. We won't discuss my last meal.

I read a lot of motivational and business-oriented books. I plan on being rich and successful, dammit. There is a common theme to pretty much all of them and many of the other books/radio shows/etc. I've come across...including my own job. That theme? Try to be good and use your gifts to help others. I thought about this as I snooped around Barnes and Noble with my shiny new gift card. While I was looking for a book on how to be a supervillian/evil sorceress/etc.

I contemplated practicing my evil laugh but decided to glare at a guy and his pack of children instead. After that, I stopped tripping over him and his fifty million children. I felt triumphant.

Now I should actually get to work. Bah.
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So I have been a tad busy lately and writing has fallen by the wayside. There has been house-hunting, my first week of online classes, many visits with my uncle, and I joined a writer's group (which seems like it's going to be a blast). I have been trying to write, but I don't think anything serious will happen until tomorrow...provided I can buy coffee creamer. COFFEE OR DEATH!

So...on a childfree note... )
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Seriously, how do they have any left on their bodies when my drinks are full of hair?

But anyway... )

This list has been presented to you by Frustration. Frustration: Never Just Once.
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On a good note, I woke up early enough to actually drink some coffee before work? And for once I didn't miss that awesome thunderstorm?
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I've decided I envy everyone who discovered their passion early and figured out what they wanted to do. I've really only discovered what I don't won't to do. Unsurprisingly, this doesn't work too well when you're trying to figure out what you want to do.

Still, I figure flitting from idea to idea is still a lot better than resigning yourself to just any old job, right? Right?

Don't get me wrong: I love my current job, and I plan on working there until I move in about four or five years. This job has definitely taught me what I don't want to spend the rest of my life doing, though. I love the challenge, problem solving, and flexibility, but the core of the job definitely clashes with my personal philosophies...and is not a job for someone who started off as rather cynical about people.

...one day I'll say screw it all and start an occult bookstore. Missy will definitely add to the atmosphere...if I don't kill her first.
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When people quote something that was written centuries ago as justification for their beliefs and actions without taking the time to put it in the original cultural context. You cannot take something from one time and culture and expect to neatly use it with your own cultural structure, especially if you show no understanding that there's a huge difference.

If nothing else, if you're going to form your belief system around something, wouldn't you want to take the time to really understand it, anyway?

Now I'm off to take more headache meds. Meh.
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Because having an actual Avengers movie done = lovely pictures for Steve/Tony. Admit it. There was rejoicing.

...I just realized that I forgot to buy breakfast stuff during my epic shopping trip. *facepalm*

Edit: ...there is also waaaay too much potential for Issues and such with Steve/Tony, as I realized writing this ficlet. Huh.
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So I was happily chattering to my neighbor about the Avengers movie, something I'm planning on watching again tomorrow. And possibly write yet more fic. Possibly this time with plot. But anyway.

So she mentions her son has a ton of movies and she decides to contact him about the Avengers. His response? Well, he has the Avengers XXX. He asks who the movie is for, and she tells him that I liked the Avengers. His response?

He'll bring out the porn then.

What the hell has this woman been telling him about me???

Also, torturing Tony is about as fun as torturing Cloud. Dina was the one who pointed that out. Blame any future Tony torture on Dina.
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Sometimes, I think I'm a masochist. Then I look at my career choice and know I'm a masochist.

I was in deep discussion with a friend of mine, with my evidence reliant upon previous conversations with gay men and straight/bi/gay women. This conversation took place in an empty parking lot, and, in hindsight, it was probably much louder than it needed to be. Still, I am confident in the conclusions we drew. If you agree or disagree, please let me know:

Straight or gay, male or female, for sexual reasons or just happy reasons, everyone loves boobies.

That is all.
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Possible spoilers and biases ahead )

And that's all I can think of right now. If you disagree with any of the above, that's perfectly fine. This is just my internal canon. :)
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Being fucked by a penis, dildo, or random phallic object does not make you a woman or somehow equate you to the feminine position. Having short hair does not make you manly. Having long hair does not make you feminine. "Bottoming" or "subbing" during sex does not equal femininity. "Topping" or "domming" during sex does not equal masculinity. If you know any more, please feel free to toss them in.

Now I am going to sleep. Good night.
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So many belief systems, don't you think?

Could just be me, though.

All of these links are intended with good humor, so you worship your spaghetti monster and let me worship my mildly psychopathic heroes, hmm?

Multitude of links brought to you by too many days of insomnia.
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I have a cold. I'm not sure how I'm going to blame this on Dina, but I have faith in my ability to find a way.
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I'm up early! Yay! ...why did I want up early?

All I've seen this past weekend is Giftmas stuff. IT'S STILL TOO EARLY! IT'S STILL TOO EARLY! FUCK, IT'S TOO FUCKING EARLY FOR THIS SHIT!
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I usually fail to make ONE breakfast. Today I made two -- eggs and potatoes and cinnamon rolls. ...I feel like a hobbit.
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Normally, I hate getting my hair cut. It ranks above clothes shopping, even, as I don't need to take off my glasses and be blind while clothes shopping. Today, though, it went well. Why, you ask? Because for the first half of the haircut we discussed zombies and what is necessary to buy in the case of the apocalypse.

Yes. There was a large tip involved. :D


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