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Title: Marco
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: one-sided Deadpool/Spider-Man
Rating: PG
Warnings/Tags/Notes: This doesn’t take place in any specific time in the comic or movie verses. This is primarily inspired by conversations with Dina and tumblr.
Summary: Spidey was fine. Everything was going to be fine.

Marco )
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Title: Life Lessons
Fandom: Spider-Man
Pairing: Uncle Ben/Peter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, dub-con, underage
A/N: Because it’s been a while since I wrote something for which I felt I should go to Hell.
Summary: There were just some things a man shouldn’t do with a lady.

Life Lessons )
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So I've been a tad busy lately. Work has been insane, I saw Spider-Man in 2D and I'm planning on seeing it in 3D next week, and I saw Obama at the Pittsburgh rally.

Spidey: Mild Spoilers )

Regarding the Obama rally, it was fucking hot, and we were right in the sun. There was absolute minimum shade. There were water bottles and such everywhere to keep people hydrated and cool. If you tried to lay down for too long, you were guaranteed a visit from an EMT to make sure you were okay. There were some people waiting since 5:00am, which was mind-boggling as the gate didn't open until noon and President Obama didn't arrive until 2:00pm. I am completely red and the EMTs carted about thirteen people away.

Overall, it was all worth it to hear that man speak. Wow. Even in the terrible heat, people were still cheering for him. Yeah, I would definitely go again.

...besides, watching the sharpshooters on the top of the buildings was neat. :D


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