Dec. 29th, 2013 06:21 pm
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Currently posting more fics to AO3. I...didn't realize I had so many sitting on my laptop. But anyway. Unexpected Side Effects is being reposted here. Some old Hobbit fics were posted, as well as a rebooted Star Trek fic. Seriously. How many old fics do I have?

...I want to see the Hobbit again...

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I realized that I fail at limiting my use of adverbs and at show-don't-tell.
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So work, family, and other responsibilities have been epically kicking my ass for the last several months. I have barely been writing ficcage in my notebooks, and that is strange and horrifying. In 2014, I'm definitely going to need to look for a less stressful job. Of course, based on certain circumstances, I'm hoping 2014 will be much calmer than 2013. 2013 epically won. I think it deserves a medal.

Reviewing old fics and notebooks since I do have some time off for the holidays. Top on this list is tent!fic. A lot of the last chapter has been written (for a period of time, rewritten multiple times, and enduring of many glares) and I wanted to reread the fic to make sure that I didn't mess up the last chapter since there had been so much time. It would also help sketch out the plot for the next part of the fic...because I'm a masochist. To help with this, I'm reviewing and posting the chapters on AO3.

Here's to the hope that 2014 will be more successful than 2013...and dear gods, I am ready to start sacrificing to various deities (and major priests) to get some damned chips and dip.

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So the last month has been a tad busy. My sister moved up here in July and spent the first part of August adjusting, and then my brother visited, and then catching up with work due to taking a week off, there was a slight incident with my car in which my entire front left wheel tried to make a break for it, and I'm leaving for London on Thursday and meeting an awesome friend. So...a tad busy. A tad.

So my hope is upon my return everything will actually calm down. Nothing is planned for a while after that. I have a feeling that, by then, I will be very grateful for a break.

For all those not yet into Welcome to Night Vale, please start. It's awesome.

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I sometimes fear that in everyone’s urgency to promote feminism, they’re instead doing the opposite. Mako Mori from Pacific Rim helps make my case. How many people’s immediate reaction was to say she was there for eye candy or be a romantic interest rather than stand alone as a strong, independent character? How many people, even after seeing the movie, were quick to either sexualize her or point out every instance where she failed to act how they thought a “strong female" should? How are we, in our attempts to promote strong female characters, instead holding women to the same type of inhuman standard that we bitch at other people for doing (i.e., Virgin or Whore)?
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So my workplace provides tuition reimbursement providing you work there for two years and are willing to continue working for them two years after you finish. It's in my plans, so it works. A co-worker of mine was already attending a school, so since it was already a school I knew would be approved by the county, I enrolled in that.

So my life as a student in a Christian school... )
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Title: Address in the Stars
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairings: Spock/Kirk UST and Spock Prime/Kirk Prime
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, written prior to Into Darkness
A/N: Looked over by artimusdin, all mistakes still mine, and first posted on AO3
Summary: When Kirk already knew how their story ended, how could he bring himself to try with his Spock?

Address in the Stars )

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Title: Blur
Fandom: Star Trek Into Darkness
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death, angst
A/N: Posted first on AO3; posted here because I want to get back in the habit of posting here. :)
Summary: The last thing he remembered was dying, so waking up in Starfleet Medical was confusing as hell.

Blur )
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So today I accidentally marched in the Gay Pride Parade. It was pretty fun, if you ignored the rain. I got to blow kisses at the protesters.
Into Darkness spoilers for those who haven't seen it... )
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So current goal is to be somewhat active online, including blogs and linkedin. Let's see how this goes.

Fic writing is going, even if a good chunk of it is glaring, editing, and reviewing to see if I screwed up my own universe/timeline...again. *coughs* In the meantime, scribbling out Star Trek fanfiction because apparently I adore Chris Pine as a young James T. Kirk. I keep looking at him and thinking "Baby Kirk!" ...I think McCoy thinks the same thing.

I actually bought a Men's Health magazine with Chris Pine on the front. True, actually bought it because it had cool articles versus what you find in women's magazines, but Chris Pine's interview is a nice bonus. :)

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So I took an unexpected hiatus. I will not go into details, but I will say that January was a Bad Month. Yeah. I'm all for forgetting its existence now. Maybe I got all of the bad energy out in the first month and the rest will be fantastic?

All Giftmas fics were either emailed or mailed (not counting poor Arin's, whose is sitting on my desk now in its envelope). If you didn't get yours, just email or PM me. There is always at least one person who didn't get theirs. *coughs*

Now trying to get back into the swing of things and determine if there's any time I can take off. (Dina, turns out Friday probably won't work, but I'm going to try, anyway.) It's early in the year, but damn I want a vacation.
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Still alive. I would like to say I've been busy, but I've mostly been cooing over the new Hobbit movie and the surprise!ship of Thorin/Bilbo, aka Thilbo, aka Bagginshield, and cooing over this surprise!ship on tumblr. I also spent yesterday Giftmas shopping, as I don't celebrate Giftmas until New Year's...which also tends to make me forget Giftmas beyond "I can eat cookies for breakfast without guilt!" and "I can sleep in today!"

Tomorrow, I travel to visit my family. Today, I hang out at home and rejoice in the lovely details of homeownership, like my heater dying. Yep. It died last night, time unknown. I am curled under a lot of covers while my tiny heater rockets up my electricity bill. Yay. I have a warranty, which goes far in paying for everything. Unfortunately, the lovely snow we received last night and this morning stalled off the repairman, but he's finally on his way! Yay!

All fics have been mailed. The ones without mailing addresses will be emailed today. Fics were delayed a tad, but they are on their way! :D

Now back to cuddling under the covers.


Dec. 5th, 2012 12:49 pm
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Okay, so here it is. It's late and all I can promise are drabbles, but if you leave your address and your fandom/prompt, I can write you a drabble for Giftmas. :) The usual goes:

FMA, FF7, FF8, FF9, Legend of Zelda, Supernatural, anything on existing ficlets (not counting Naruto), Dresden Files, and Rurouni Kenshin.

All comments are screened. Merry Giftmas!
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So I bought the house on the fifth and moved in on the twelfth. There was a lot of frantic running around both before and after that due to not only packing but getting the apartment cleaned up before the end of the month. But that's not the bad part.

I lost internet when I moved.

I just got it back this past Saturday. I needed to switch internet providers. In the meantime, working on my online class really, really sucked.

Still, victory now? Kinda? Internet, but not wireless. I'm debating if I should try for wireless. Being limited as to where I can get on the net should make it easier to write.

On the writing note....Giftmas time. I'll make a post tomorrow about it. It's late and I've spent the last month completely slammed, as well as already working on some fics, but I want to at least do drabbles. If nothing else, my writing has been pushed down to the bottom of my priority list lately, and I would love to do drabbles to exercise the old mental muscle. I'll do a post for those who want drabbles tomorrow and try to mail them all out next week. :)
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So, after an insane amount of work to have everything perfect for the underwriters, I now own a house. I'm still packing and plan on moving in on Monday. Holy shit. I have a house. A gorgeous house in a good neighborhood with lots of places for walking purposes and room for my lovely babies to be able to stretch their legs...not that it will matter. They're all within three feet of me now, two sleeping and one cleaning.

Certain fics are in progress, just momentarily stalled until the move is done. I am a little stunned by not only the sheer amount of books I own compared to everything else in the apartment but also where I hid all my books. I now want to go through and reread a lot of them.

I have decided that buying a house/moving and online classes at the same time seriously sucks. Still, everything should be much calmer soon. :) And the new location will also provide me a lot more free time, as it's so much closer to work. *^__^*
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What's your point?

As I crosspost this to LJ, fuck you, LJ. It's hard to tell when I have real comments and when I am just getting spammed. :P

On an RL ADHD/meds note... )

On my final ADHD note, I still plan on taking the glowy bouncy ball Hadesphoenix was so nice as to give me and throw it at my next family reunion. It's a good plan. :D

Now back to caffeine and ficcage.
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Watch me go.

Someone on tumblr mentioned how horrible Link's screams were in Twilight Princess and how, for the first Zelda game ever, they felt bad having him jump/fall off cliffs. That inevitably made me think of this. Enjoy.

*scurries off for more coffee*


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