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So had another RL Snarl moment. At the pool, relaxing with my necessary gear: towel, reading material, and more reading material. Oh, and sunscreen. I can learn, dammit!

But anyway. Relaxing and chilling when I notice everyone is standing at the far end of the pool staring at something. I ask what everyone is looking at, and I'm told they're looking at a fawn. In no time at all, I'm standing there gawking, too.

I could see the spots all the way from the pool. He was terrified, and his mother wasn't in sight. The lifeguard was calling around everywhere trying to find out what to do with him. No one was answering. Several men walked from down the hill to the deer, and I, of course, hurried after them to make sure they wouldn't hurt the fawn. Keep in mind: was at the pool. I was also in a rush, so I didn't grab my sandals. So my intimidating self was glaring at them, all 5'1", in my bright pink bathing suit, and bare foot. I realized the picture I must have made in hindsight. At the time, I couldn't care less. I was pure righteous fury. It didn't help when I realized they were towering over the terrified fawn taking pictures with their camera phones. Oh, yes. There was hissing and spitting and snarling until they gave the fawn some room.

Soon after, a cop car came. I waved him out to make sure he would actually get where he was supposed to be, as one cop car had already driven past and didn't come back. This nice man was also a useless man. He made the mistake of offering to take the fawn out of its misery. He backed down quickly enough.

The second cop wasn't so nice. His opening statement was an offer to shoot it. My immediate reaction was rather loud and offended. He gave me the nastiest look and started speaking before the other cop pulled him aside. In the end, the lifeguard ended up politely shooing them away while she tried to get a hold of someone who could actually help.

Two things about this are still driving me insane. 1) When your immediate response to any problem is to shoot it, you're a frightening person. If you have this immediate response and you're a fucking cop, then I'm definitely disturbed.

2) Everyone kept repeating, "Let nature take its course." Most were referring to the belief that the fawn was going to die. If the mother was, indeed, not around to take care of the fawn, it would probably be because she was hit by a car. How is that "nature taking its course"? If humans were in any way responsible for the fawn's condition (the fawn's back was also a mess, although he seemed mostly frightened and could run just fine), then it wasn't nature responsible for the fawn, it was humans. Don't fuck with Mother Nature and then state, "Nature must take its course," neatly wiping your hands of the situation. *snarls*

When I left, the fawn was hiding in some bushes and the lifeguard was still making calls. Here's hoping the mama is still okay and she just dropped off the fawn for a little bit. :(


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